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  • Car Freshener & Room Spray

    See what the ranting is all about! Try the Elite Wiks room spray. Use for room sprays or car fresheners.

  • Car Accents

    Why should car fresheners be boring!

  • Burgundy Rose Wax Melt

    Wax Melts

    Try our wax melts today! Their fragrance will fill any room, or make an great gift!!

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Vibe Candle Collection

Our Luxury, matte black-reusable candle vessels are currently being revamped and will be available soon!


Each luxury candle comes with a matte-black box of matches...

Add to your homes décor, create an ambience for relaxation, meditative practices, or simply delight in our bouquet of fragrances using Eco-Friendly Soy Wax!


You will now be able to keep your current vessel, and simply come back to refill for just half the price!

This service will be available soon. Orders by phone only!!

Fragrance List

Smudge sticks are 1" thick, and 4" long. Use for rejuvenation, attracting positive energy, cleansing negative energy, and/or smudging your personal spaces.

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Premium California White Sage Sticks

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  • Plug-Ins Available

    Try the Happy Wax Plug-In for your wax melts! Simply plug into any outlet and awaken your senses. 2 different styles available.

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