Good Vibes Only!

Good Vibes Only!


Have you ever felt the urge to protect your space from negative people and negative energy?  Most people do not give attention to the nudging or unconscious desire to surround themselves with good vibrational energy.

We are all energy, and we attract what we are!  Ever been around someone who was not in the best mood, and found yourself matching their energy?  Ever walked into a room and felt a certain vibe?

That is why is it important to maintain good mental health.  Studies have shown that creating a mental health practice can significantly reduce stress levels, increase productivity; both personally, and professionally.  Mental health practices can also produce a happier mental state and lengthen life expectancy.

Given the climate of today's inconsistencies with the health crisis, racial tension, and outcries of our daily struggles, it is difficult to maintain good mental health.  

As a small disclaimer: I am not a mental health expert, nor have I obtained any credentials certifying myself as a mental health expert.

I am, however, a student of life.  I connect with those who understand that mental health starts within; at least that has been my experience.  I find that maintaining good mental health is a process, nevertheless, a growing process.  Developing an increasing urge to envelop myself of good vibes has been a staple for me.

Not only had I begun a journey of cleansing and purging negativity, but I curated my personal space to be that of inspiration, creativity, and high vibrational vibes. 

 Here are some ideas people can use to induce good vibes:


  • Real Plants/Flowers (plants bring natural beauty and has been known to reduce stress.  Plants also help to clean the air we breathe)
  • Natural Light (allowing natural light into a space is energizing and revitalizing)
  • Aromatherapy (for centuries, aromatherapy has been known to reduce stress by calming our nervous system by using essential oil and oil diffusers, potpourri, candles, incenses, linen sprays, etc)
  • Declutter (clean space and organization is the key, which would promote a practice of maintaining a clutter free lifestyle and good mental health)
  • Get rid of things and people that no longer serve you.
  • Choose to be happy, and only surround yourself with positive, and supportive people.

Not only have I implemented a practice of maintaining good mental health, but I developed my Vibe Collection candle line with aromatherapy fragrances to aide in mindfulness practices, such as yoga, or meditation.  I have chosen an array of fan-favorite fragrances such as French Lavender, for relaxation, and Grapefruit Lemongrass, as an energy revitalizer, plus more.

Check out my Vibe Collection line today to create the vibe you want. 

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