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Palo Santo Sticks

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Though not scientifically proven, Palo Santo; which means "holy wood", is reported to have many benefits because of its properties.  Because the wood contains a compound called limonene, the wood itself, resin, and essential oil within the Palo Santo has been attributed to:

  • Reduce Pain 
  • Repel Mosquitos, and
  • Improve Stress Response

Palo Santo have been used for thousands of years for practices related to:

  • Aromatherapy- while providing therapeutic massages using the oil extracted from the wood.  Its essential oil can also be added to products such as candles and soaps.
  • Incense burning- the wood is burned as an incense and used for negative energy clearing.  Incense burning is also used during stress reliving practices such as: yoga, meditation, and other practices.

Because of the Palo Santos fragrance of pine, and notes of citrus (given it comes from the citrus family, it is wonderful for the holiday season.