About Us

Hand made with love


Elite Wiks LLC is a small, private, American candle company of homemade scented candles, car fresheners, and air fresheners, and more.

Elite Wiks vision is to remain environmentally conscious, with a focus on sustainable sourcing.  Our products are made with natural soy wax, which is a bio-degradable, renewable resource, and is a waste reducer.  

We offer various eco-friendly solutions by sourcing both, recyclable materials, and by offering reusable containers for our candles.  As active mental health advocates, it is also our goal to promote mindfulness practices.  

We developed a candle line, infused with natural, essential oils to support cognizant practices such as yoga or meditation which aid in stress reduction, inner peace, and focus.


  • Our promise: A gratifying experience of Elite Wiks fragranced products.
  • Committed to great service and growth.
  • Committed to making your shopping experience both unique and convenient by offering local service.